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Kelci C. Magel

Los Angeles, CA
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5’3
Voice Part: Soprano I
SAG/AFTRA – Eligible


Bionic Beauty Featured Buddy Chambers
American Big Foot Supporting Lead Lance Polland
Betsey Lead Concept Media
The Miranda Murders Lead Mathew Rosvally
Halloween Night Lead Raque Productions
Guitars & Guns Co-Producer/Featured Open Door Entertainment
Wristwatch Lead Gino Gaeteno
Guardian Angel Featured Vahik Pirhamzei
The Problem “Y” Featured Joshua Miller
Sunday Night Slaughters: Fatally Yours Lead Ted Edward Payson
Jessica’s Room Supporting Lead Eric Knight
House Arrest Featured Jerrick King
Eugenist Featured Mutant Tariq Nasheed
Pseudo Featured Tony Cortez
Silence Featured Party goer Crystal Lane Swift
Cranium Intel Lead Alex Rodriguez
Midsummer Nightmares Lead/Producer Ryan Stacy
Midsummer Nightmares II Lead/Producer Ryan Stacy
Reunion Female Orderly Bert Havird
Search and Rescue Me Supporting Lead Braden Fullton
Caller Unknown Lead Nocrocity Films
Iridial Featured David Venhaus
Forever Falling Down Lead Sandra Oaks
Twelve Thirty Key Stand-In Jeff Lipsky
Lady House Featured Extra FX
A Girls Best Friend (SHORT) Casting Agent 1 Lillian Howard
Ladies Night II (SHORT) Supporting Lead/ Producer Concept Media Films
Harvey (SHORT) Supporting Lead Aline Allam
Evans Script (SHORT) Supporting Lead Raqqnit Films
Dismantled (SHORT) Featured Slightly Slanted Productions
A place in the Woods (SHORT) Supporting Lead Alfonso Correll
The Chase (SHORT) Lead Diego Rangel
MOTH (SHORT) Lead Sexton Productions
Ms. Murder (SHORT) Lead Polly French
Match (SHORT) Lead Samantha Farris


De-Tuned Lead Joe Wesley
Walk of Shame Shuttle Opening Sequence VH1


Redneck Comedy “The White House” Lead Rich Rotella
BlendR Model/Hand Model BlendR
Hi-Rez Designs Zombie Nic Andrews
Sand Cloud model Sand Cloud Productions
Fame Dogs Producer 1 Sylvia BateyAlcala
Valley Girl Death Duo Lead Ralph Polly Productions

Music Videos

Hell yeah “Moth” Beaten Wife Sexton Productions
Grimace “Awake the Demons” Victim #2 Brian Cox



Illinois College: BFA in Fine Arts Nancy Taylor-Porter, Kindra Steenerson
Class Act Productions (Des Moines, IA) Acting Workshop
National Workshop for Actors (Chicago, IL) Greg Bensen
Acting Workshop for TV & Film (Dayton, OH) Peter Condopolous & Alan B. Jones
On film Acting Workshop (Hollywood, CA) Stephen Savage & Murisa Harba


Gloria Devillbiss Voice Coach 11 years of private voice lessons
Illinois College BFA in Fine Arts Addie Gramalspacher, Karma Vortman

Special Skills

  • Arpeggio
  • Current Driver’s License
  • Current Passport
  • Bowling
  • Cooking
  • Swim
  • Rasa box training
  • Text fast
  • Computer skills
  • Swimming
  • Classically Trained Lyrical Soprano I
  • Vocal Improvisation
  • Trumpet
  • Great Whistler
  • Painting
  • Bike-Riding
  • Roller-skating
  • Sight Singing
  • Ear Training
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